var GOG_HOST = '/gog/'; var GOOGLE_API_KEY = 'ABQIAAAAkMzfir-7DIaPFuWUiiHrohStnpi_J1F1thLkgHtqlaF4Wy4O4BTTPyNnu4L4Mm-Uuvkk7GPqPZTnRw'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_KEYWORD_URL = '/gogservice/termdict/search'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_RESTAURANTS_KEYWORD_URL ='/gog/searchRestaurantsAuto.json'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_BARCLUB_KEYWORD_URL ='/gog/searchBarClubAuto.json'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_EVENTS_KEYWORD_URL ='/gog/searchEventsAuto.json'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_KIDS_KEYWORD_URL ='/gog/searchKidFriendlyAuto.json'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_MOVIES_KEYWORD_URL ='/gog/searchMoviesAuto.json'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_MUSEUMS_KEYWORD_URL ='/gog/searchMusuemsAuto.json'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_MUSIC_KEYWORD_URL ='/gog/searchMusicAuto.json'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_THEATER_KEYWORD_URL ='/gog/searchTheaterAuto.json'; var AUTOCOMPLETE_LOCATION_URL = '/gogservice/locdict/search'; var PLAYLIST_ADD_URL = GOG_HOST + 'go-out-lists/add.json'; var PLAYLIST_ADDALL_URL = GOG_HOST + 'go-out-lists/addAll.json'; var PLAYLIST_CLEAR_ALERT = GOG_HOST + 'go-out-lists/clearMsgs.json'; var PLAYLIST_CREATE_URL = GOG_HOST + 'go-out-lists/create.json'; var PLAYLIST_DELETE_URL = GOG_HOST + 'go-out-lists/delete.json'; var PLAYLIST_REQUEST_REMOVAL = GOG_HOST + 'go-out-lists/requestremoval.json'; var PROFILE_REVIEW_URL = '/gog/submit-user-review.json'; var PROFILE_REVIEW_INAPPROPRIATE_URL = '/gog/mark-user-review.json'; var PROFILE_SMS_URL = '/gog/phone-sms.json'; var SAVE_REMOVE_MY_THEATERS_URL = '/gog/saveRemoveMyTheaters.json'; var DEFAULT_TEXT = []; DEFAULT_TEXT["search-location"] = 'City, State or ZIP'; DEFAULT_TEXT["showtime-search-location"] = 'City, Neighborhood or ZIP'; var BLOCKUI_MESSAGE = ''; var PURPLE_SEARCH_SRC = ''; var PURPLE_SEARCH_IMAGE = 'search_purple-V2.gif'; var PURPLE_SEARCH_ON_SRC = ''; var GREY_SEARCH1_SRC = ''; var GREY_SEARCH1_IMAGE = 'btn-search-lightgrey.png'; var GREY_SEARCH1_ON_SRC = ''; var GREY_SEARCH2_SRC = ''; var GREY_SEARCH2_IMAGE = 'btn-search-white.png'; var GREY_SEARCH2_ON_SRC = ''; var GREY_QUESTIONMARK_SRC = ''; var GREY_QUESTIONMARK_IMAGE = 'icon-question-mark.png'; var GREY_QUESTIONMARK_ON_SRC = ''; var MAX_LIST_TITLE_LENGTH = 15; var TRUNCATED_LIST_TITLE_LENGTH = 10; var TRUNCATED_LIST_TITLE_ELLIPSIS = '...'; var error_name_max_length = 'Name can be a maximum of 100 characters long.'; var error_description_max_length = 'Description can be a maximum of 200 characters long.'; var error_comments_max_length = 'Comment can be a maximum of 400 characters long.'; var error_comments_max_length750 = 'Comment can be a maximum of 750 characters long.'; var MAX_CHARACTER_LENGTH = new Array(); MAX_CHARACTER_LENGTH["go_out_list_name"]=100; MAX_CHARACTER_LENGTH["go_out_list_description"]=200; MAX_CHARACTER_LENGTH["go_out_list_comment"]=400; var error_business_phone_name = 'Business Name is required.'; var error_business_phone_required = 'Business Phone is required.'; var error_carrier_required = 'Carrier is required.'; var error_city_required = 'City is required.'; var error_contact_way_required = 'Best way to contact is required.'; var error_contact_information_required = 'Contact information is required.'; var error_comment_type_required = 'Please select a type of comment.'; var error_comments_required = 'Comments are required.'; var error_email_required = 'Please enter valid e-mail address.'; var error_default_text = 'Please do not use the default text.'; var error_description_required = 'Description is required.'; var error_hours_required = 'Hours are required.'; var error_event_location_required = 'Name of event location is required.'; var error_name_of_listing_required = 'Name of Listing is required.'; var error_name_required = 'Name is required.'; var error_phone_number_required = 'Phone Number is required.'; var error_price_required = 'Price is required.'; var error_rating_required = 'Rating required.'; var error_state_required = 'State is required.'; var error_street_address_required = 'Street Address is required.'; var error_title_required = 'Title is required.'; var error_type_of_listing_required = 'Please select a type of listing.'; var error_zipcode_required = 'Zipcode is required.'; var msg_alert = 'Alert'; var msg_alert_profanity = 'The following underlined text is not permitted:'; var msg_comments_about = 'Comments about'; var msg_exception = 'Exception.'; var msg_max_char_exceeded = 'Maximum character size has been exceeded.'; var msg_max_list_size_exceeded = 'Maximum list size has been exceeded.'; var msg_not_signed_in = 'User is not signed in.'; var msg_permission_error = 'Permission error.'; var msg_private = 'Private'; var msg_public = 'Public'; var msg_success_save_go_out_list = 'Success.'; var msg_playlist_cant_add_from_same_list = 'To playlist id is required.'; var msg_playlist_exception = 'Playlist exception'; var msg_playlist_from_id_required = 'aaa'; var msg_playlist_incorrect_user = 'Incorrect playlist user.'; var msg_playlist_item_already_on_list = 'The current item is already on this list.'; var msg_playlist_items_already_on_list = '1 or more items are already on your list.'; var msg_playlist_item_id_required = 'Playlist item id is required.'; var msg_playlist_list_id_required = 'Playlist id is required.'; var msg_playlist_not_found = 'Playlist not found.'; var msg_playlist_to_id_required = 'From playlist id is required.'; var msg_save_to_my_theaters = 'Save to My Theaters'; var msg_saved_theater = 'Saved Theater:'; var msg_remove = 'Remove';